500BAR high pressure cleaner (Shipyard high pressure cleaner) custom

  • 500BAR high pressure cleaner (Shipyard high pressure cleaner)


500BAR high pressure cleaner (Shipyard high pressure cleaner)

500BAR high pressure cleaner (Shipyard high pressure cleaner)
Construction site concrete cleaning ,surface cleaning 
The industry facility cleaning 
Daily cleaning and dredging of condenser
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Ningbo Brilliant Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 2019, located in Haishu District, Ningbo. It is a large-scale comprehensive pump company integrating R&D, production and sales of high-pressure plunger pumps. Since its inception, with excellent product quality, accurate market positioning, scientific marketing concept and perfect supporting system, the company successfully set up a quality brand! The company has more than 3,500 square meters of standard workshops and advanced production processing equipment, including an industrial pump test center and a variety of high precision testing instruments, etc. The company actively introduces high-end German technology and insists on combining product R&D introduction with independent R&D. Its business covers one-stop services such as high-pressure plunger pump production, sales, maintenance, and customization, and is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, steel, shipbuilding, hydropower, sugar, coal, mining, construction, automobile manufacturing, municipal sanitation, pipeline pressure testing, high-pressure water jet and other fields. At present, the company has carried out strategic cooperation with well-known German industrial pump manufacturers in terms of technical exchanges and product applications. Relying on strong technical strength, high-end production equipment, scientific management methods, and professional quality system, the company has established long-term and stable business relationships with many customers and has won the trust and praise. The company has a modern office environment and advanced and first-class office facilities. Based on the concept of precise control and customer service, it has quickly gathered a large number of high-quality and high-level talents to join, and has formed a professional R&D, production, operation, sales, maintenance and other core departments. With solid industry theory and experience, the company has focuses on customers, establishes a complete service system, strives to provide customers with the fastest and most efficient products and services, and creates a good brand image. In the future, we will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of "quality first, reputation first, customer first, service people-oriented", the hard service tenet of "quality control, high efficiency", the leading concept of "fast, efficient, professional and perfect" and the principle of "excellence, stability and development", and take economic benefits as the center. With the support of technological progress, Ningbo Brilliant Water Technology Co., Ltd. will strive to develop into a world-class pump supplier with high technological content, good product quality and excellent personnel quality.


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The EDFH1650 concrete cleaner is designed to remove dust, dirt and grease from the surface of concrete surfaces. This machine have a powerful engine and can clean all types of construction sites. It is ideal for daily cleaning, dredging condenser and equipment cleaning

The EFDH1650A 500bar high pressure cleaner is designed for the construction site and industry facilities with a quick recovery time. The EFDH1650A 500bar high pressure cleaner is able to clean efficiently hard surfaces such as concrete, tile and masonry. The EFDH1650A 500bar high pressure cleaner is also able to deep clean mud from equipment valves/valves/straight pipes etc...This unit is ideal for cleaning concrete, asphalt and similar substrates. The unit is lightweight, compact and easy to use by one person.

We are a professional shipyard high pressure cleaner manufacturer in China. We have been in this industry for over 20 years and have gained a lot of experience. Our company owns a large factory, which can produce more than 5 million pieces per month. The main products include shipyard concrete cleaner and land cleaning equipment (including mopping, scrubbing and so on).

The FHD Composite is a high pressure cleaner with a good cleaning efficiency, which can be used in construction site concrete cleaning and surface cleaning of industrial facilities. It has a powerful suction power, suitable for daily cleaning and dredging of condenser.It can clean any type of dirt from your concrete and make it look like new again. It also has dredging function which lets you get rid of weeds quickly

The EDFH1650 500BAR high pressure cleaner is the industry facility cleaning solution, ideal for cleaning and dredging of all types of industrial facilities, including concrete surfaces and pipes.It also cleans inaccessible areas such as foundations, pipes, tanks and valves. The EFDH1650 has been designed to work with both gas and electric power sources.

DFEH1650 500bar high pressure concrete cleaner has been developed for construction site cleaning, surface cleaning and dredging of condensers.Dredging and cleaning of condenser and the surface of the cooling medium on a daily basis.This machine has a wide range of applications that include daily cleaning and dredging of condenser units, construction site concrete cleaning, surface cleaning around pool areas and industrial facility cleaning.Use this machine to clean the concrete surfaces at facility construction sites. It is lightweight, portable and easy to operate. The high pressure cleaner features a swivel tire for easy maneuverability, mixing system and quick warm up time.
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