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We have developed a full range of high-quality cleaning products, professional cleaning solutions. Our product line includes the world’s most dependable high-pressure reciprocating triplex plunger and piston pumps. They are used in commercial and industrial fields, such as sanitation sweepers, sprinklers, pipe dredging systems, car washes, ship cleaning, seawater desalination systems, etc. We offers a wide variety of custom pumping systems designed, built and tested to meet customer supplied specifications. Our product line includes a wide variety of accessories to compliment the longest lasting pumps in the industry. Pressure Regulate valves, Relief Valves, Safety Valves, main Water Seal Kits, Secondary Water Seal Kits and other accessories are available.


Top Manufacturer of High
Pressure Water Jet Products.

Ningbo Brilliant Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2015.

Our factory has advanced production lines, such as CNC automatic lathes, high-precision instrument lathes, injection molding machines, rolling machinery, testing equipment and an experienced R&D team, constantly innovating and improving products to meet market demands. As

high pressure water jet pump manufacturers and triplex plunger water blasting pump suppliers

, We offer more than 100 high-quality products for the pump industry while supporting customers in more than 40 countries.
  • We bring together engineering, modern technology and product expertise.

  • The company operates in strict accordance with ISO9001: 2000 standards.

  • Strictly control the quality, and through better service, we are developing ourselves better.

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Showcase Our Work

We bring together engineering, modern technology and product expertise to deliver exceptional and innovative products to our customers. Our product range is mainly used in the following commercial and industrial fields. Mainly include car washing machine, pipeline dredging, sprinkler (municipal cleaning), seawater desalination, ship cleaning, atomization dust removal system, etc.


Food,Beverage And Pharmaceutical

Reverse Osmosis And Water Treatment

Misting,Cooling And Fogging

Commercial And Industrial Cleaning

Vehicle And Equipment Cleaning


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We know exactly what will meet your specific needs, and we make your experience as simple as possible.

  • Consulting You Can Trust

    With our many years of industry experience, our team is able to understand your needs and provide you with the right solution. contact us whenever necessary.

  • Stable Product Manufacturing

    We pay attention to every detail of our products to better control our quality. Has a complete product production line to ensure that your high-quality goods are delivered on time.

  • Accurate Support And Service

    We provide detailed installation and usage instructions as well as conference calling services to support your subsequent use. Your questions will be answered responsibly within 24 hours.